Uber Driver Notices Something Is Wrong, Saves 16-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficking

December 30, 2016

An Uber driver in Sacramento, California started his day like any other — but ended up saving a 16-year-old girl from child sex trafficking.

Keith Avila picked up two women with a teenage girl and drove them to a Holiday Inn in nearby Elk Grove, California. While in the car, the women openly talked about delivering the girl to a "John" and getting money from him.

Once Avila dropped them off at the hotel, he called the police.

"The worst thing I thought would happen when driving Uber is that I would be getting drunk passengers and I would have to handle them," Avila told NBC Latino. "All my life, I thought about people throwing up in the car as the worst scenario."

Police arrested and charged the two women with pimping and pandering.

The victim was discovered to be a runaway, and she was sent to stay in an "alternative housing situation" until her parents or guardians could be located, police said.

Officer Chris Trim from Elk Grove police praised Avila's quick-thinking.

"He could've said nothing. Went on his way, collected his fare. And then that 16-year-old victim could've been victimized again."

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