Father and son team rescue 120 people during Hurricane Isaac

November 9, 2012

After Hurrican Isaac swept through Lousiana, a father and son duo stayed behind to help rescue over 120 people as well as numerous animals.

Jesse Shaffer and his father, also named Jesse Shaffer, lost their home around 5:00am to dangerous flooding and hopped into their fishing boat. Instead of driving to a safe zone, they headed down the highways saving families and friends stranded on rooftops.

One rescue included a family of five including three children under the age of six. They were all standing on the roof as water rose throughout the house. The Shaffers could not fit everyone in their boat, resulting in the younger Jesse choosing to stay behind and wait for his father's return. After delivering the family to safety, young Jesse was picked up and the rescue mission continued.

"There were a lot of houses we saw that were in spots that we know where they're supposed to be and they were maybe a half a mile down the road, floating down the highway," the older Shaffer ABC News.

Watch the amazing video below.

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