Lab Rescued By Doggy Pal After Spending 27 Days Trapped In A Well

October 24, 2016

Cindy and John Billesberger had been searching for their missing dog, Bruno, for almost four weeks, calling vet clinics and shelters to no avail. They were especially worried after the temperature plummeted and it began to snow.

The chocolate Labrador retriever from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, was finally rescued after spending 27 days trapped at the bottom of a well — and he has a canine buddy to thank.

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Photo Credit: Cat Billesberger

On Oct. 14, Cindy and John were walking their two other dogs when one of them — a female yellow Lab named Esme ― stopped in one spot and wouldn't budge.

As it turned out, she was standing near a 10-foot-deep abandoned well. Inside the well was Bruno.

lab rescues missing lab good news
Photo Credit: Cat Billesberger

"I'll never forget what he looked like," Cindy told ABC. "He looked like a skeleton with skin. He was caked in mud and his skin had deep rashes from standing in that murky, wet environment for so long."

Despite his rough shape, Bruno's fighting spirit proved "everyone who doubted him wrong," veterinarian Catherine Colodey of Prairie Animal Health Centre said. She believes Bruno, who was severely dehydrated, survived by eating snow at the bottom of the well.

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Photo Credit: Cat Billesberger

Bruno is currently doing "much better." He's eating more food on his own and his blood work is coming back normal.

The Billesbergers said they're grateful for the veterinarians who have helped Bruno. On top of that, people who have heard his story have offered to help cover costs for Bruno's recovery.

(h/t) Huffington Post

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