Young Man Helps Elderly Woman Walk Across Parking Lot, Restores Faith In Humanity

June 16, 2016

A man in South Carolina felt God put him in the right place at the right time when he witnessed a young man helping an elderly woman make her way across the parking lot at Ingles Markets.

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Bo Graf of Greenville, South Carolina, posted the photo on Ingles Markets Facebook page with the following message:

"This weekend left me with such doubt and sadness for Our America! Although I eat at Ingles regularly, for some reason I left a little later for lunch today! God put me at this place, this moment in time for a reason. Maybe it's simply to capture this moment, maybe to change the way I look at the world today and the kids of tomorrow, or perhaps how I could change the way I live each day; there are so many reasons that put me in this brief moment. I went and spoke to the young man, Brandon Rollins, and told him what he did meant a lot more than just helping a little lady today. It touched my life as well as I hope touches all of your lives. I personally haven't seen anything like this in years and thought everyone should see/feel this moment as well. This is how America should be! And hopefully this is the America of tomorrow!!!"

Graf was so moved by what he saw that he decided to go and speak with the young man pictured, Brandon Rollins, who turned out to be an employee at Ingles.

"[I] told him what he did ... touched my life as well as I hope [it] touches all of your lives."

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