Chicago Police Officers Escort Girls Without Fathers To Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance

June 15, 2016

Dozens of girls without fathers had special escorts to the "Daddy Daughter Dance" thanks to members of the Chicago Police Department.

daddy daughter dance police
Photo: NBC Chicago

The annual event is held at the South Shore Cultural Center and is organized to encourage healthy relationships between fathers and their daughters in their neighborhood. Last year, the Chicago Police force wanted to help those girls who didn’t have fathers or whose fathers couldn't attend. Police officers stepped in to escort the young ladies to the soirée.

About twice as many girls were able to attend this year as did in 2015.

"After last year's event, we had several officers and the young ladies that they escorted, they kept up with one another and it really bridged a gap," Sgt. Kimberly Woods told NBC Chicago. "It let the girls know that officers are just people too and we dance, and we dance funny like your dads do."

chicago police daddy daughter dance

This year's theme was "All Shades of Beautiful." Participants enjoyed dancing, refreshments and even goodie bags from officers and other sponsors. One hundred and fifty girls attended the dance.

The event was free and open to the public.

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