10 year-old has been labeled a hero after rescuing a couple out at sea

August 7, 2012

10 year-old Stuart Crang has been labeled a hero after rescuing a couple stranded out at sea in his 8 foot dinghy.

Richard Brown and Sue Taffler were cruising around in their yacht when they suddenly capsized and were left floating in the water waiting for help. Luckily they were prepared with their life vests, and were not in immediate danger.

Stuart went to their aid after noticing they were in distress, rowing his boat out to them about 30 minutes away. Using a small rope, he was able to tow the couple back to safety.

"I just went over to see if they were alright," said Stuart to reporters. "They said no, so I gave them a rope and towed them in."

Although other boats were in the water at the time the yacht went under, Stuart was the only one to come to their aid. He even offered for the couple to get in the boat, but they respectfully denied his offer for fear of capsizing the 8 footer.

It's not every day you hear about a 10 year-old boy saving a couple from their capsized yacht out at sea. Stuart's parents, as they should be, are very proud of their son. See the feel good video interview below!

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