Good Samaritans help stop street criminal in NYC

July 31, 2012

Brian Hester wanted to send a message to potential criminals in New York City that you are not going to get away with it.

Hester was enjoying a smoke break when he saw a man steal an iPhone right from a woman's hands on the street. He wasn't about to let the thief get away and decided to chase him down on foot.

Hester caught up to the thief and was able to bring him down, while others on the street quickly came over to help. While the man was being held down, Hester pulled out his video phone and started recording.

As the group of good Samaritans waited for authorities, the iPhone snatcher tried to make a run for it. Hester chased the man for a second time and again brought him down to the ground. Hester was not about to let him escape again. Police arrived at the scene a few minutes later.

During the arrest and the pursuit, Hester was able to record the criminal with his video phone hoping to send a message to all potential thieves in New York City.

"I wanted to put the video out there to show anybody else who's thinking of coming to New York and snatching somebody's iPhone that you're not going to get away with that," said Hester.

With the help of Hester and a few other strangers, the iPhone was returned to the owner.


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