WATCH: Brave Woman Crawls Down Extremely Narrow Underground Pipe To Rescue Puppies

December 5, 2015

Residents of Soriano, Uruguay were alarmed by a female dog that was howling uncontrollably at the entrance of a narrow drainpipe. They soon realized that the dog's puppies were trapped inside the pipe - likely washed into it as a result of a recent flood.

amazing puppy rescue from narrow pipe

The rescue would not be easy as the puppies were at least 15 feet inside of the pipe. On top of that, the pipe was extremely narrow.

One brave woman volunteered to crawl inside.

They tied a rope around her feet so that they could pull her out once she had fetched all of the pups. She managed to make it to the puppies and pull all three of them out by placing them into a bag.

The puppies were terrified and covered in mud but are otherwise doing well.

amazing puppy rescue from narrow pipe

According to Three Million Dogs, the puppies have all been adopted and are now living in their forever homes.

Watch the amazing rescue video below:

Respect for this womanUnbelievable what this woman did

Posted by American Pit Bull Terrier on Thursday, September 17, 2015

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