These Signs Are Popping Up Across Massachusetts. EVERY Police Department Should Do This

December 3, 2015

Internet buyers and sellers who don't want to give strangers online their address or show up to a random location can now exchange goods in a safe environment.

internet exchange locations

Police Departments across Massachusetts are designating "Internet Purchase Exchange Locations" where people can buy and sell in confidence.

"The public is welcome to use our department parking lot as a place to meet and handle their transactions," the Upton Police Department wrote on Facebook. "Simply come to our parking lot, conduct your transaction, and leave."

Upton Police Chief Michael Bradley said he was inspired by a police department on the west coast that installed similar signs when he heard about it at a conference about a year ago. He discussed it with Officer Matthew Rankins, who handles the department's social media, and he "took the ball and ran with it," said Bradley.

At least 70 police departments across the country have already created safe zones, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Hopefully, more police departments will follow suit. You can help by sharing this brilliant idea with your local police department!

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