This Stranger's Act Of Kindness Towards A Special Needs Man Will Make Your Day

October 12, 2015

Some say that Canadians are a particular breed of nice, and in a case like this, it's hard to disagree with them.

A photo of a stranger allowing a special needs man to hold his hand on a crowded bus was posted on a community Facebook page called "Only In Hamilton" with the following caption:

"I didn't know if u can post this but I would liking to say thank you to the guy who was seating beside a special needs gentleman... He allowed him to hold his hand and find comfort well in a packed bus.. It make my day when I see stuff like that."

Via Only In Hamilton / Facebook

22-year-old Godfrey Cuotto, who is a student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, told the Huffington Post that he was headed home on the crowded bus when the man (named Robert, who is deaf and has cerebral palsy) asked for a handshake.

"He kept holding my hand," Cuotto said. "Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else's needs above yours."

He added later that Robert's family sent him a message on Facebook, thanking them for accepting the gesture.

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