These City Buses Are Now Showers For The Homeless In San Francisco

September 29, 2015

"It started with a cab drive and a zinger of a line delivered by a seasoned cabbie, 'Welcome to the land of broken dreams,'" said Lava Mae founder Doniece Sandoval. Those seven words and a desire for changed inspired Doniece to set in motion what eventually became Lava Mae.

Her non-profit transforms San Francisco's decommissioned city buses into mobile bathroom facilities for the homeless, equipped with toilets and showers.

city buses showers for homeless
Doniece Sandoval, Lava Mae Founder

Imagine not being able to shower when you need to?

Over 3,500 San Franciscans living on the streets face this reality every day.

city buses showers for homeless lava mae

Lava Mae's bathrooms-on-wheels are changing that, bringing hygiene, dignity, and hope to those who need it most.

Watch a quick, one-minute video to learn more about this amazing project:

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