Princess Anna From Frozen (Kristen Bell) Calls A Little Girl Who's Fighting Brain Cancer

July 24, 2015

Despite the last few weeks being a nightmare for the Huffman family, there are moments like this where they can forget, even for just a little bit, the awful battle Avery is going through.

avery gets a call from princess anna / YouTube

On June 30th, Avery was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Officially, she was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), a brain tumor found in the pons, part of the brainstem on the lower back of the brain, near the top of the spinal cord.

Avery's father, Brandon, is a scout/writer for a college recruiting website and its been amazing to see the support the family has received from the readers, coaches, the Make A Wish Foundation, and now, an actress with a big heart.

Kristen Bell, who voices Princess Anna in Disney's Frozen, made a personal call to tell Avery she has been crowned as an honorary princess for her bravery.

"I'll admit, I've watched the video of her hearing from Anna/Kristen Bell, around 50 times, just to watch her face light up, and to hear her giggle and see her smile," Brandon shared on Caring Bridge."

"Seeing it go viral and so many people sharing the same emotions I have when I watch it, I'm constantly reminded that while Avery is going through the worst possible fight anyone should have to, she's touching so many people's hearts and her fight and toughness is reaching so many people."

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