A Blog Posted Photos Shaming A Doctor For Sleeping On The Job And It Started A Social Media Movement

May 20, 2015

A blog that criticized a Mexican doctor for falling asleep at her desk has started a social media movement. The blogger captured these photos of a young resident resting at the desk around 3 a.m.:

doctors sleeping on the job yotambienmedormi

"We are aware that this is a tiring job but doctors are obliged to do their work," wrote the blogger who posted the images. "There are dozens of patients in need of attention."

doctors sleeping on the job yotambienmedormi

Doctors around the world are often severely overworked, some work 36-hour shifts and 80-hour work weeks.

When Juan Carlos, a Mexican doctor, heard the story, he started the hashtag #YoTambienMeDormi ("I've also fallen asleep") and now hundreds of doctors and medical professionals are sharing their own photos and stories on social media in defense of the young resident.

doctors sleeping on the job yotambienmedormi

"36 hours of non-stop work are impossible without 10 minutes of rest."

The hashtag has also served to highlight the sacrifices many doctors make for their profession, including forgoing meals and working for days on end.

"Doctors should be treated as normal humans with the same 'physiological needs' as everyone else," doctor Marcela Cueva told the BBC. "And that doesn't mean that we don't take good care of our patients," he said. "The problem is that nowadays the doctor-patient relationship has been damaged and social media is part of the reason. People are more likely to write when they go through bad experiences rather than good ones."

As for the doctor pictured in the original photos, the hospital in Monterrey confirmed that she was still working there, and that no disciplinary action has been taken against her.

Should doctors be allowed to nap on the job?

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