Fearless dog almost dies guarding kittens from blazing house fire

June 13, 2012

Leo the dog is being named a hero after his courageous act during a blazing house fire that took place this week in Melbourne, Australia. Four tiny kittens were helplessly trapped while the house was burning down in flames.

Although the other dogs fled the house to safety, Leo was the only one who stayed and protected the kittens, and it almost cost him his life.

Firefighters arrived after phone calls and were able to track down Leo and the kittens quickly.  By the time they reached Leo, he was laying unconscious from massive smoke inhalation.

Thankfully. the firefighters arrived in just enough time to save Leo as well as all four of the kittens. They treated Leo as if he were human by hooking him up to oxygen ensuring a safe and healthy recovery.

After the house fire was finally put out, Leo was reunited with the kittens and you can see how happy he truly is to know they are safe. He could not stop licking them.

Once again, animals never cease to amaze me. Watch the video from the local news below!

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