A Pregnant Dog Was Shot And Left For Dead. This Incredible Woman Saved Her, And All Nine Puppies

April 10, 2015

Beth Stenberg noticed a brown and white dog on the side of the highway more than a few times while taking her sons to and from hockey practices. Every time she saw it, she thought about pulling over, but never did.

That all changed one day when she saw the pup lying down and just knew she was in trouble - she had been shot.

woman saves shot dog pregnant
Credit: Michael O'Donnell/Idaho State Journal

Stenberg, with the help of two Idaho State Troopers, loaded the injured dog into her vehicle and took her to the local animal hospital.

"In the X-ray there were all these little spines," Stenberg said.

The injured Border Collie - she decided to name "Sis" - was also pregnant, due to deliver a litter of nine puppies in two weeks.

"For the extent of her injuries she never once tried to nip at us," Veterinarian Jamie Rantala told the Idaho State Journal. "She seemed to have an understanding that we were there to help her. She was a sweetheart from the get-go."

Stenberg brought Sis home with her where she gave birth to nine healthy and thriving puppies. She says they have become great play pals for her other Border Collie, Buddy, she had rescued seven years ago.

When Stenberg shared photos and the story about Sis's rescue on her Facebook page, the news spread like wildfire and soon the Stenberg family was receiving donations of pet supplies and money from people throughout the U.S. It's also helped find forever homes for almost all the puppies when they are old enough to be on their own.

But as for Sis, she plans on keeping her.

"I've really fallen in love with her," Stenberg said. "She's part of my family now."

Credit: Idaho State Journal.

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