Teen gets over $90,000 in donations from strangers for life altering surgery

June 12, 2012

Katie Meehan, a 16 year old girl from England, received over $90,000 in online donations which paid for a series of life altering surgeries.

Katie was born with a rare condition called cystic hygroma, where fluid forms a mass on the head and neck. She grew up with a massive pertruding cheek and lower face. The cysts in her mouth were so large that doctors told her parents that she would never be able to speak.

Her condition was also life-threatening. If she got a cold or infection, her face would swell up to twice its normal size, which could close her airways and stop her from breathing.

A fundraiser was started online to raise money for a series of surgeries that would hopefully remove the cysts and allow her to smile and speak on her own. The money raised was from neighbors, friends, and even complete strangers who wanted to help.

Katie's first operation was in 2000, and fast forward to 12 years later, she is only one surgery away from finishing. According to her family, she still needs one final surgery but they want to wait so she can focus on her education and enjoy being a teenager.

When asked about her prom, Katie had this to say.

"The prom was fantastic, it was great to see all my friends dressed up and looking lovely. We had a delicious three-course meal too. I couldn’t eat all of it, but I had a good go."

Katie has been very fortunate to have so many kind people around the world donate money from their pockets to support one girl's dreams. It's a beautiful heart-warming story.

Photo credit: North News & Pictures Ltd

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