A School Girl's Strange Feeling Of Love

By Testen • September 8, 2014

“ We all long to be something

You to me and I to you,

Long to become the gaze that won’t be forgotten

That’s how some relation last forever…….”

It was during mid summer, when Elle’s yearly session started. That time, she was in grade 10 where classroom section was divided accordingly their previous year result . As of her, she was sent to D section class due to below average grade. In the school, D section students are considered most naughtiest and easy going students. Under which Elle comes. Character wise, she used to very fun loving, naughty, untidy and care free but good thing about her was honesty, kindness, trustworthy and simplicity can be find in her blood because of which everybody loved her. From the beginning of she started studying sincerely because class 10th result was the turning point to her career, as she wanted to go for medical line after that so she need to have percentage. But in between the session what happen is ,there used to be one group of guy in her class named BREEZY BOYS. She was friendly with all her classmates even with Breezy boys. One guy among them named Landon used to have fun and tease her a lot .He would tease her saying “OH,you are most beautiful girl in the class!!” and he would mess up with her hair but she would never take it seriously as she was very friendly and carefree. Elle and that guy, both has been in that school since childhood even as a hosteller but they never had a such kind of friendly conversation. He would not spare her even in the hostel cafeteria and would make fun of her. He, making fun of her is known to everyone in school, even teachers. Sometimes, it used to be too much that she had to cry because of his nonsense behavior. As time passed, their board exam was already near but Elle, she couldn’t concentrate on study at all. So, to make him stop teasing, her friend gave her an idea. The idea was” Elle to tell Landon that she has develop a feeling for him while he kept making fun of her” Firstly, she denied to tell him but she thought the idea wasn’t that bad so why not give a try. So, one day, when breezy boys were having some coffee at cafeteria, she went to him and silently she told him in serious tone that she had developed some affection towards him although it wasn’t true. Then, he became so silent and surprised which was very unusual of him. After that ,it happened as per their plan, he stopped teasing her and when he sees her on way, he even ran away. As she used to close with her batch mates, everyone came to know about her story and everyone was so interested in the prank played on the guy and wanted to know what would happen next as they all decided to tell Landon about the truth on farewell day so that exam goes smoothly. But before that he came to know about the prank and again his stupid behavior of teasing her started as usual. What happen this time was, in the midst of playing prank , Elle actually developed some strange feeling for Landon while he felt same for her but somehow they were unaware of their own feelings. Later, they parted ways while leaving school after class 10, they felt sad and missed each other, all the fun they had together. They both realized that they had become important to each other in the middle of teasing and prank. Here, in her case, fake confession was turning point of her relation with Landon. It was a very unusual kind of affection which was full of naughtiness. Now, they both are studying in different cities but still in touch and the special bond of naughtiness along with affection is still alive between them. They still tease each other but this time with lots of affection , argue, sometimes says, ”you are the most annoying person I have ever met” , but they can’t stay without talking to each other even a day. That is the beauty of the strange relation between the two.

In the end, they became that gaze to each other which won’t be forgotten and last forever. But one thing never change between them was, he still keeps teasing her in different ways but this time with lots of love and care.


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