One Kind Act Starts A Lifetime Of Love

By Joe • August 14, 2012

I was sitting in a chair, sipping iced tea out of a thermos, and trying to stay awake. The group of adults around me were trying to do the same. We were all there to renew our first aid cards for our jobs working with the handicapped. The room was an old converted day treatment area and wasn't meant for so many people. Even with the air conditioning it felt hot and stuffy. All of us there had taken the class many times before and knew the material by heart. Despite the instructor's best efforts then, it remained a struggle to stay focused.

Suddenly, several screams from the women in the classroom jarred me wide awake. A small field mouse had somehow gotten into the building and was scurrying by their feet. After a few more startled screams the mouse ran behind a bookcase on the far side of the room. Not wanting the little guy to be hurt, I found a clear plastic container on one of the bookshelves. After moving the bookcase aside I dropped the bottom of the container on top of the mouse. Then I slowly slid the lid under it until he couldn't get loose.

Picking up the container I headed outside and walked over to a patch of woods near the building. I sat the container down and opened it. The mouse looked up at me for a brief second and then made a break for freedom. I smiled as I watched the little guy go. As I headed back to the classroom I looked up to the Heavens and felt my spirit soaring as high as the clouds above.

How many kind acts does it take to uplift your soul: one. How many gentle hugs does it take to help heal someone's hurting heart: one. How many smiles does it take to brighten another's day: one. How many gifts of love does it take to make this world a better place: one. How many prayers does it take to get Heaven's help: one. How many good things do you have to do to make God smile: just one. Begin today then. One kind act starts a lifetime of love.


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