The "Teresa Project" My Birthday Wish

By Harold Scott • July 29, 2012

Send a Birthday Card to the "Teresa Project" and Fulfill Brother's Wish

My sister, Teresa has lived with cerebral palsy her entire life, and, was also diagnosed with lupus some years ago. She is mostly wheelchair bound these days, but continues to enjoy watching and feeding the hummingbirds, growing flowers, playing with her dog, and doing some painting.

I have tried to imagine my life as hers, in that she has never been able to walk on her own, without some type of assistance -- usually with the help of my Mom. She lives at home with my parents, is their only daughter, and the oldest of my siblings. (There were 5 boys that came along after her.)

Despite this, Teresa seems to enjoy life overall, and has always tried to make the best of a tough situation, She enjoys the things that so many of us take for granted. Probably due to her disability, she has learned patience, and a real understanding of accepting the bad things in life, and making the best of it.

Teresa has never failed to send out cards to family and friends for birthdays, holidays, or for just no reason, other than wanting to do something nice for others, so, it is with this reason, and, because I love her, that I am asking you to send her a card for her birthday, so, that she will feel special, and appreciated. I would like it if her mailbox runs over with cards this year.

Teresa is my hero, and sets an example of kindness and strength. Please help me, by sending birthdays wishes to her -- only cards that are in good taste -- to make her day a bit brighter.

Teresa turned 58 years old on July 05, 2012, and even though they may be late, cards will be much appreciated. I am hoping for at least 500 cards to be mailed to her via the U S Postal Service.

Send cards to: Teresa Scott, 235 Fairview School Lane, Gainesboro, TN. 38562

Thank you,

Harold Scott


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