By Joseph J. Mazzella • August 20, 2014

Compassion is such a wonderful thing. It is full of sympathy, empathy, love, goodness, kindness, and caring for others. We are all made by God to be people of compassion. Far too often, though, we fail the test. I myself have failed the compassion test more times than I care to remember. Yet, as I grow older and wiser I still strive daily to fill my soul with compassion and to share my compassion with everyone I can every chance I get.

I live in a poor area. Jobs are scarce and good paying jobs are even more scarce. Many people have to travel a long way to work but can't even afford an old, used car. I saw one of these people yesterday. I was driving home when I spotted a man walking wearily down the road and trying to hitchhike a ride from the passing cars. The two cars in front of me passed him by and I almost did the same but God stirred the compassion in my soul and I pulled over to give him a ride.

We struck up a conversation as I drove along and I learned that the man was struggling to support his family while working a temporary job. Every penny he had was going to rent and food and I could see the strain on his face. But as I pulled up to the broken down rental house he was living in I saw his tired eyes grow brighter. His little girl was playing in the front yard and ran into her Daddy's arms the second he was out of the car. I smiled, waved goodbye to them and said a prayer for their future happiness. Then I drove off thanking God for compassion, love, and the chance to do good in this world.

Compassion is one of the greatest gifts that God gives us. If we don't use it, however, we lose it. Share your compassion often then. Make it grow. Let it shine. And always remember that compassion is contagious and you can be a carrier.


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