One Miracle After Another

By LoriAnne • July 21, 2012

Morning filled with one Miracle after another. I just got back from a Book Authors conference in Philly and this was my experience trying to get home after massive air delays!

My Flight got cancelled on Wed. night and I was just going to sleep on the floor at the Marriott.

A very young African girl came strolling by with her 9 mo old baby and asked me why I was sleeping on the floor.

I told her about my flight and she said her flight was cancelled also and her airline bought her a room with 2 beds.

She offered me her other bed. I was shocked! I told her I would be ok and I could do anything for one night.

She offered again! So I said YES...

She was starving and very tired. We went to the gift shop and she only bought a little lemon cake. Her baby didn't have food but he had a bottle.

She didn't know how to use the coffee maker in the room so I helped her and we made a bottle for the baby.

I found out her name is Rachel and her baby is Ian. (My daughters name is Rachael and my grandson is Ian.)

She came from Africa 7 years ago and is living with an Aunt in Toronto. She went to school and received her RN and is working at a hospital in Toronto.

Rachel visits her babies dad in Boston and was on her way home and got delayed.

After we talked for a few minutes she crawled in her bed with her dress on and the baby in his clothes and they went to sleep. It was only 8:30 pm.

I wanted to stay up all night and write about my experiences of the week and, out of respect for her, I crawled in bed also.

We were awakened at midnight by her boyfriend with a call through the Marriott phone in the room. She was apologizing and telling him what had happened and she had just fallen asleep.

Rachel told him not to forget her because she was very hungry and needed some food. I had a hard time sleeping after that because I wanted her and the baby to have food.

I made a promise to Heavenly Father that I would buy her some food from room service before I left in the morning and then I fell asleep.

My flight was early the next morning and I thought I had calculated the time to take a quick shower and grab my luggage and go. I realized my time was off and I would have to have a miracle to get to my flight on time.

I knelt down on the floor by the toilet and bathtub and ask God if I could please be an influence for good this day and get Rachel some food, and could he please let my conversations be led with power and I would be able to talk to the most influential people that day that would make a difference in my many businesses and my life. Amen.

I looked at my watch and knew I would not make my flight on time but I had made a promise to God and I would have to just pray it all worked out.

I hurried to the front desk and asked them if they could send room service to her room and could I pay for it. They were confused so I told them the whole story. Then I said, "I only have 45 min to get to my plane and I need your help quickly." I was very nice and persistent. :) I hurried to the restaurant and the older lady started punching keys on the computer and then a little annoyed she looked at me and said, "I don't even know what to order for a baby!" I gave her some ideas and she finally told me to just go get on the shuttle and she would take care of it. So I handed her my credit card and told her just to put as much money as she thought was necessary on Rachel's room and she looked at me again and told me to go get on the shuttle and she would take care of it. I had tears in my eyes as I ran for the shuttle and I opened his front door before he could get out and I asked how soon he was going to the airport.

He said, "Right Now Mam!" I got in the shuttle in the front seat and I just started telling him the whole story. I was so confused why Rachel would be so trusting. He said, in a very loving way, "I am from Africa also and we are very trusting and loving people." I had tears in my eyes again. I asked him if he could give me some change so I could tip him and he told me he didn't want me to pay him. I insisted because he was helping me so much and he said he didn't want my money.

I did not argue and i just thanked him with all my heart. When we got close he told me to check my luggage at skycap and I told him I had never done that before so I didn't know how. He told me he would take care of me.

We got to the skycap and the lines were crazy. He told me to stay with him and he would take care of me cuz his friend Terrance was working. He took my luggage around the counter and handed it to Terrance and asked him to take care of me. They hugged and he started to walk away and I stopped him and asked him if I could give him a hug. I gave him the best hug and thanked him again with another tear in my eye.

Terrance pulled up my name and my ticket had FAILED... my heart sank! I told him I had checked in last night and everything worked. He looked at me and took my drivers license and walked inside and asked me to wait outside.

After 5 more long minutes he came back with a boarding ticket and a luggage tag. He said to tell Sam that he took care of me! I was walking on air all the way to security saying a silent prayer of gratitude for caring, loving people.

In the security line a woman and her husband were so friendly and shared about her dad dying and how they grieved and I just listened and let them know how much I cared. We got separated in the security process and the husband came and found me and thanked me for talking to them and told me I had a great smile. WOW moment! I was just wanting to be my authentic self and open my heart to people and I thought I would be the one in the space of giving today and I couldn't keep up with all the giving that was coming my way! God really doesn't let you get ahead when you are coming from a space of truth and service to your fellowman.

Another Miracle! I made it on my plane just in time to pick up a yogurt cup for breakfast and board the plane. Another Miracle! The man I sat next to on the plane helped me with a business plan to restructure my husbands dental office! He knew we wouldn't be a threat to his business in Philly and he shared like crazy! I took 2 pages full of notes! He even gave me his cell phone number and I met his wife.

I arrived home and went straight to our church girls camp up in the mountains because I am their leader and I was a guest speaker that evening. I crawled in bed at 1:45 am ... What a beautiful day! Blessings to a sweet African girl that gave her trust to me!

Today I slept a lot... :)


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