Be A Donor

By Joe • July 17, 2012

My children gave me a new wallet as a Father's Day present this year. It was the perfect gift choice considering the moldy, worn, lump of leather I had been using was well past its prime. I took the opportunity as well to toss out any cards, notes, or scraps of paper in it that were no longer needed. As I emptied out the old wallet I was amazed at how much it held. Gingerly I went through its contents piece by piece and moved them to their new home. As I was looking at them I came across the organ donor card that I had signed nine years ago. Thankfully, it hadn't yet been called into use. Still, it felt good knowing that if something should ever happen to me I would be giving another person here a second chance at life.

As I placed the card into my new wallet I started thinking about all the other things we can donate to help others today. We can donate our time. We can donate our talents. We can share our wisdom. We can give our kindness. We can bless others with our laughter. We can shine our light into the darkness. We can donate every bit of love and joy inside of us. And the greatest thing of all is that when we do, we find that we have even more to share than when we started. That is one of our Heavenly Father's greatest miracles: the more you give to others the more God gives to you. The more you shower others with your love, the more God showers your soul with His.

If you wish then by all means sign an organ donor card so you can give something back after you die, but don't be afraid to also give something now while you are still alive. Be a donor. Make your entire life here a gift to others. Donate all those wonderful things inside of you to make this world a better and brighter place. Give with a cheerful heart and a loving spirit. Give from the fullness of your soul and then watch as God fills it even fuller.


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