"Do-er" Or A "Let-it-be"

By Ileana Ensinia • June 29, 2012

Today more than ever, I have come to realize how short life can be. And the two types of people in the world. The ones who take action and make things happen, and those who go with the flow and leave it up to destiny and the universe to give them what they want. So it made me question? Which one are you? Do you take control, or do you let it fall in place?

I have come realize that, money is not important. You can replace that, we should be concentrating on things we cannot take back, life time, healthiness, emotions, all these fall under this thing called "Life". We need to learn how to live, how to make sure we never lose track of the reason we are here, and that is for HAPPINESS. It's what we are here to do, simple. When ever a hard decision comes along it is important that no matter what the question is, stop yourself for a second and ask "After I make this decision, will I smile? Will it make my day, or destroy it?". Most importantly , WILL IT MAKE YOU HAPPY. Guess what, you are in control of that, YOU decide how you want to spend the little time you have. Try to have as little regrets, do things at a heartbeat because that's how you felt at the moment. After ask yourself, what is happiness to you?


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