Believing In Life

By Mary Ramsis • July 30, 2014

Believing in life…

He was driving on a highway. Thinking of nothing, just driving. Then he started daydreaming, started to watch his life as if watching a movie in front of him. He saw himself as a child playing with his two brothers. He was always smiling, happy and excited to see more and to experience more. He saw himself turning into an adolescent, searching for independence and freedom, searching for love and adventure, searching for new ideas and interested in listening to people from different backgrounds, eager to discover more and believing in life.

He smiled when he thought of that different person he used to be. Even his looks were different. His friends used to call him with a nickname that no one in his current community uses anymore. He had different goals, different visions and a different personality. He became a completely different person.

Then he stopped thinking about himself as a “different” person, but started evaluating this “difference” to decide if the word “different” should be replaced with “better” or “worse”. A sad smile appeared on his face. He looked at his current life. He wakes up very early in the morning to go to work. He spends all the morning at work. He has work colleagues, that he even cannot call friends, as they rarely speak during work and rarely organise anything together. Working at a bank has brought a monotone aspect in his life. Then he corrected his last thought and spoke loudly and said “ I brought a monotone aspect to my own life.” Working at the bank was my choice, not talking to my colleagues was my choice. Doing nothing else but working working working, meeting some friends occasionally, then working again. This was my personal choice. I stopped being interested in knowing more, stopped caring about people with different thoughts, stopped living with an open heart and open mind and open eyes. I wake up in the morning, but I actually leave my eyes closed. I stopped believing in life, stopped believing in the power of life, in the unexpected surprises that can happen each and every moment. I stopped expecting miracles. He was very mad at himself, started blaming himself and tears started to roll down on his cheeks.

Suddenly he woke up from his daydreaming as he was about to hit a young girl who wanted to cross the highway. He managed to slow down and to stop his car. The girl, who was about 12 years old was shocked and horrified. She started to cry and tried to speak but couldn’t.

He was shocked too, but all he could do was taking a deep look in the girl’s eyes. Behind the tears he could see the beauty of passion, life, adventure and energy that pushed her to try to cross the highway in this stupid way. HE felt jealous. He would have never taken such a risk. He would have never been in this place alone without a car at the first place. After managing to calm her down, he asked her what she was doing on this highway alone. She explained that she’s from a very poor family that lives in a hut not far from the highway and that she was used to walk in the neighbourhood, not considering the highway a dangerous place, to discover what’s there.

He forgot his prestige, forgot the age difference between them and forgot the car he had parked on the roadside. And like a young boy he asked her eagerly “and what did you discover”?

The little girl forgot her fear, her eyes were shining when she passionately answered “ you want to come and see?”

This time, he did not hesitate, he did not look back, he understood immediately that he is regaining his belief in life and in its surprises. Without answering her, he grabbed her hand and started running in the desert with her, giving her the lead to show him what she has discovered. And this was the beginning of a new phase in his life. While running he looked at the sky, smiled and told HIM “I know it’s You, thank You. Thank You for giving me back your energetic and passionate Spirit.”


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