Birthday Girl Returned Her Presents

By Mrs. B • July 12, 2014

I've been staring at the white walls of the video game store for about 2 hours since lunch. It was a very slow day, I glanced at the tables in front of the store,and my heart ache. It was the donation table for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda that wretched my country and even though I have donated what I can, I still feel sad whenever I saw the people on the TV suffering.

I was broken out of my thoughts when the doors jingled open . Customers, finally!

She was a small girl, about 10 or 11 and a pink Hello Kitty backpack was at her small back. Her mother was accompanying her, a few plastic bags in tow. I recognized her mom. When I was selling cigarettes on the street, I see her peddling clothes she made herself on her stall at the market. She now has her own online shop and making a name for herself.

The daughter just had a birthday and her mom finally has enough money to buy a PS3 and some games.

The girl half-jogged, half-skipped to my counter. She opened her backpack and pulled out a console. Her mom handed me the bag full of games.

"Can I return this?"

"Sure sweetie, no problem."

I inspected at the console and the games, and nothing was opened. Per policy, I returned the money to the mom. She handed the money to the girl, and she ran off as fast as her little feet can take her. I was about to ask when the mom, seeing my expression, explained.

"She wants to sell her birthday gift, so she can donate to the victims."

I honestly teared a bit there. She was willing to give up what was supposed to be hers and gave to those in need. That's real generosity out there.

While I was watching her talking to the girl at the donations table, I was reminded that even though there are a lot of selfish a-holes in the world, there's a person just like that little girl and I was happy.


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