Thought My Ring Was Lost Forever

By Dar • June 14, 2012

I have a very pretty ring that belong to my late mother. The last time i remember having it on is when i was leaving work a day had passed till i realized it was gone. I went to go put it on and could not find it anywhere! i tore my bedroom apart removed the bed furniture searched every piece of clothing of mine and my husbands at least 3 times. laundry room under are heaters both cars 6 times was up 3 hours a night crying and looking. I looked at work wasn't there. I even went to pond shops and put an ad up on Craigslist lost n found still nothing. I was so upset anytime i was out i would look at any females hand lol. I search my whole house and found things that i haven't seen in forever still no ring my husband said you think you put it in the trash i know i didn't. He told i parable dropped in the toilet and i thought about it but never looked cuz if it had it parable flushed away. I finally gave up looking for it figured it was long gone never to be seen again and i started to wear a cheap wanna be wedding ring. 3 weeks later i was cleaning my house i was in the bathroom and decided to shrub the toilet i put my hand down inside the hole and felt a ring i pulled it out and long be hold it was my ring!! i could not believe it!! it was just sitting there after all those times the toilet had been flushed i had to keep starting at saying to myself did i really just find my ring!! I am way more careful ring now.


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