A Moment Of Kindness

By Joseph J. Mazzella • June 25, 2014

After all of these years I can still remember my first moment of kindness. It was the first day of Kindergarten. I walked in with my mom and was amazed at all the toys against the walls. It was like having my own tiny, toy store. I smiled and immediately ran over to them and started to play. Most of the other kids were doing the same while the parents talked to the teacher before the start of class. In the corner, though, I saw one girl sitting by herself. She was small and frail looking. She was the only one in the class shorter than me. Her red eyes looked like she had been crying. None of the other boys and girls seemed to notice her there.

I went back to playing with the toy cars but after a minute looked up at her again. She seemed so sad and alone. Something inside of my chest started to stir. I wasn't sure what it was. Being the youngest in my family I had become a bit spoiled. My older brothers had always taken care of all the chores while I was free to play. It felt strange then to be thinking of someone other than myself, yet I couldn't stop looking at that lonely, little girl. After a moment that stirring in my heart moved up to my mind and down to my feet. I picked up two of the toy cars and went over to her. "Do you want to play?", I asked. She smiled at me and shook her head yes.

What made me remember that first unselfish act was a letter that little girl wrote me after we were both grown. She told me how she had been sick all of her life and how her illness made the other kids avoid her. Then she told me how that moment of kindness had changed her life. She had cherished the friendship I had offered her and carried it in her heart even after she moved away. I wrote her back that very day and we continued our friendship through the mail for several years before the bad health that she had always fought finally took her life.

I was thinking of her again today and thanked God for stirring my selfish little heart that day and moving me to be kind to a little girl who needed a friend. I thought too of how a moment of kindness can mean so much to another. I thought of how a simple, selfless act can make the world so much better. I thought of how a little bit of love can move a heart, touch a soul, and change a life.

May all of your days be full of acts of kindness. May they be full of love, laughter, and smiles. May they be full of giving, caring, and helping. May they bring joy to you while you bring joy to others. And may you always move your feet when God stirs your soul.


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