She Was Dead, But What Happened Next Blew Me Away!

By Tyrie Collinsdale • June 15, 2014

Rabbits die all the time. But sometimes, miracles happen.

Nadia is a fourteen-year-old girl from Colorado. On Saturday morning of June 14th, her cats were sitting next to two of their families' cars. She went down to investigate, to find a rabbit lying on the ground, breathing heavily and apparently dying. while she watched, the rabbit slowly slipped away over the course of fifteen minutes. Not quite sure the rabbit was dead, Nadia touched her, but found no heartbeat.

Being an animal lover, she respected the fallen creature, and picked it up to find a good area for a burial. while she was taking the body away, she felt movement in the lower belly. She found her knife and slit the rabbit's stomach to find five amniotic sacs.

Out of five kits, three have survived the night, and hopefully the rest of their lives.


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