By Jodi-Ann E.M. Morgan • June 8, 2014

During the last couple of weeks I have read two tear-jerking stories regarding birds. I have always loved looking at birds that can take flight, do so to the parts of the world I suppose I could only dream of. If there is one thing I wish I could do, it is to fly. Big or small I look at these animals as magnificent creatures. Unfortunately, even these lovely animals at times cannot escape the harsh weathers of life.

One of the stories involved a baby bird born with “splayed legs”. I was relieved to find out that with the help of his brothers, sisters and his foster human parents that he eventually was able to walk and fly about freely as he wanted. But what hurts my heart is the fact that his parents ignored him for the first crucial weeks of his life. The next story is about another baby bird that died in a friend’s hand. She watched helplessly as he got weaker and weaker one heartbeat to the next, seemingly holding on to every ounce of strength he had left. He would open his tiny mouth, possibly trying to call out for help. His parents were in a nearby nest tending to the healthy baby birds, seemingly oblivious to the inevitable heartbreaking event to take place.

I admit I am not an expert on birds; I cannot say whether or not it is normal practice for the parents to leave struggling babes to first learn to fend for themselves. Maybe the parents of the dying baby bird were unaware that one was missing due to his silent cries. Whatever the case may be, it reminded me that even if our parents are not there to offer a helping hand, or if they do not hear our cries, our Father in heaven who will. It does not matter to Him if we are born “different”. He will be there for us and love us just the same. In the most trying times once we reach out to Him, He will hold us in His arms of love. I am happy that in our pain, heart-break, even in our silence He sees, hears, and knows all.


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