The Perfect Guy

By Drew • June 4, 2014

I was struggling with a long distance relationship for quite some time, with no more feelings from my side, practically I was in the process of ending it, when I met this boy, yes you might wonder why I said boy because when I first saw him in the living room of my sister’s house, he seemed like a 16 year old boy, with a very cute baby face, his 16 years turned out to be 27(I was 28)… it was a set up date, extremely weird set up date where he came with his cousin to meet me, it was a dreadfully awkward situation, both of us sitting on the edge of the same couch, each taking a side, none of us spoke a word that night….

Later that night he took my number and we started talking, he was funny, confident, and seemed to be the perfect boy, he came from a very good family, he was starting his own business, had a convertible car, basically he had everything a girl can wish for, he treated me like a princess, looked like me like I was magic, took care of me like I was in one of those ‘Fragile boxes’, bought me expensive gifts weekly, took me to fancy restaurants, we traveled together, he did everything right… But I was simply not happy, none of these things seemed to matter to me, as we didn’t share the same interests, his social life was restricted to Play station and hanging out with younger male friends who had no interest in having deep discussions or a meaningful life, basically he had a shallow life(according to my point of view), I couldn’t fit, I loved poetry, reading books, watching theatre, discussing ideas, being around mature people, you see his age didn’t bother me because I knew maturity isn’t all about age, but in his case he seemed like he needed another 10 years of growing up…

I tried telling him that I don’t see myself with him because I wasn’t content, he promised me that he will change to fit my ‘requirements’, I believed him, because I too, was once like him, leading a shallow life, and I believed everyone like me can change, but he didn’t, he couldn’t change, until one day I sat with myself( I always sit with myself, but this time I removed all masks, I was naked from inside) it revealed to me that this guy deserves to be loved for whom he was, that I wasn’t allowed to change him to fit the image I have for my perfect guy, and that someday his perfect girl will come along, and she will be happy with what he has and will not try to change him…

It was that day when I decided to break up with him, he deserved way better than a girl trying to change him, to love him for who he was not for who she wanted him to be… I too was immature when I thought it was wise thing for me to change him….


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