Peace Of Mind (For The Moment)

By Until... • April 16, 2012

Whenever I began to clean the house my routine is to turn on my husband's PS3 and play my music folder (which contains a great variety of artists, might I add) but just a moment ago I grabbed a seat to take a little break and as I was sitting, Chris Botti came on, the song, "Embraceable You" and it relaxed me and I had become so comfortable in my seat that my mind drifted away to a beautiful scene of a moment of mine back in time and right then I said to myself "This is what I love".

I love a peace of mind. I mean, you just can't buy that. I often find myself reveling in the many moments I'm blessed to receive that provides my environment to be at ease. And right now, I'm alone, the house has a wonderful aroma in the air, the music is playing, the door is ajar, the fan is on, the windows are open and the sun is shining so bright that it gives my place the perfect light. Aah!!! I love this feeling!

No one is calling me, knocking at my door and there is no loud hustle and bustle outside. Then I started thinking, Lord, what did I do to deserve this moment? Never mind, I just want to enjoy it. Thank you Lord for allowing me this peaceful feeling of freedom. I hope all that maybe reading this can soon indulge in a mental pleasure such as this. There is nothing like it. Wow!!!

Uh Oh, gotta go . . . someone is at my door. LOL!!! I guess it was fun while it lasted huh? LOL!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Until . . .


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