You've Been Boa'd

By Meagan Ryerson • April 3, 2014

I work in cancer non-profit and though it is an immensely rewarding job it is still that a job. It comes with office camaraderie and drama, so to keep the mood light I Boa'd someone. This only started about a week ago and has been a visible mood booster in the office. We have a coworker who is leaving soon, and feels disconnected from everything, so I took a spare boa I had and left it on her desk with a sticky note reading "You've been Boa'd :) Pass it on!" I wanted her to know that she was liked, appreciated and will be missed. I came into work the next day and noticed the boa on another person’s desk, next day another and so on. In a weeks’ time the boa has been to over 10 people, my coworkers are speculating as to who started it but overall the comments are that it is thoughtful and cheery. So my dream is to bring visible happiness to people who do good because they don't ask for it but deserve it. For teachers, nurses and Non-Profit workers, those who do big because of who they are not what they make.


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