In And Out

By Joseph J. Mazzella • March 4, 2014

It was my freshman year of college and I was sleeping in my bed after a long day full of taking tests. Suddenly, a loud knock woke me from my dreams. Wondering who could be knocking so late at night, I stumbled out of bed, turned on the light, and opened the door. It was my best friend and roommate. The girl he was dating had just broken his heart and he had attempted to drown his sorrows with 13 Whiskey Sours. While his sorrows were still swimming along fine his mind and body weren't doing so well. He hadn't even been able to get his key into our door lock. I took him in my arms and walked him over to the bunk beds. His was the top bunk so it took a lot of pushing on my part to help him get in it. After about ten minutes, though, I was helping him off of it again and walking him to the bathroom because he felt like he was going to be sick. He didn't throw up in the toilet, however. Instead he threw up on his bed as soon as I had helped him back into it. I shook my head, stripped his sheets, and helped him back into bed for a third time. Then I laughed quietly while he groaned himself to sleep.

My best friend recovered from that night. He went on to a fine career in the army, married, and raised two children. He is a grandfather now. Yet, I will never forget the lesson that he taught me then. He showed me that the poisons we put in ourselves will always come back out in the worst ways imaginable.

Since then I have tried my best to avoid taking in the poisons of this world. I have stayed clear not only of drugs and alcohol but also hate and fear. I have instead tried to keep my heart full of love, full of laughter, full of joy, and full of God. I have done so because these are the things I want to share. These are the things I want to flow from my soul. These are the things I want to bless others with as well. May you always take in only the best and give out only your best.


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