Most Impactful Kindnesses In My Life Time

By A Friend • July 10, 2024

15 years ago my son was 14 and he was diagnosed with brain cancer just two months after my own mother passed away from cancer. I had just recently become a single mother of two and this on top of everything else was devastating to me, emotionally and financially as can be imagined.

There were so many acts of kindness over the two years of surgery, treatment, recovery, I could never cover it all.....It was mind boggling. People we didn't even know kept up with us, sent care packages and provided many many prayers to someone they didn't know, even as far away as Australia.

The bigger acts of kindness was a friend of mine did a fund raiser at work and brought me a pile of cash to use for the unsurmountable daily expenses. My boss let me work remotely for months before working remotely was even talked about so I could keep my job and my insurance.

But the biggest of all, someone paid my deductible for the hospital bill which was around $10k that year because I had just switched to an HSA account and they did it anonymously. I've never found out who what where or why, but I think of them and thank them every day and do all I can to pay kindness forward.

Another great thing to add to my story, my son is still here and doing great!


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