I Recently Moved From A City To The Country

By A Friend • June 7, 2024

I recently moved from a city to the country.

I bought a large metal wine rack at a yardsale without thinking of how I would get it home. As I stood outside my car measuring, knowing da*n well it wouldnt fit, an older man came up to me.

He asked if I needed help getting it home and offered to follow me in hos truck.

I thought, ok... I'm getting robbed, but it was only 40 dollars and I couldn't get it home anyways.

The older man followed me home and helped me bring it into the house.

We talked for 5 minutes or so and as he was about to leave I asked him "I just have to ask, what made you do this today?"

The man extended his hand to shake mine and said "Just doing my good deed for the day".

I was floored. I'm never moving back to the city and I see this sort of kindness all the time where I am.


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