One Of The Best Parts Of My Job

By Cheryl • May 23, 2024

While working at my job today, I served a lovely young man maybe in his thirties.

He had a young boy with him, as I scanned his groceries I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly, hearing the words "Do you want to go and pay for that lady’s Shopping?"

I noticed he handed the boy a $50 note and the young boy went over to the register with the note in his hand waiting patiently.

While Jenny scanned the lady’s shopping he handed the $50 to Jenny to pay for the lady’s shopping, and as she tried to tap her card was told it’s all been paid for.

The man went over and told her "have a great day". I heard her say "This never happens to me."

I think she was in shock. This is one of the best parts of my job.


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