Being Kind To People Can Have A Huge Impact On Them

By A Friend • April 17, 2024

When I was 19 and in the Marines, broke as h*ll relying on a bike to get around - I stopped at a yacht dealership one Saturday morning. I always loved boats and the sea.

I asked the guy inside if I could look at boats. I was hoping he would allow me to walk the docks just to see them up close.

I don't know if he was just bored or what but he took me on a tour of every boat they had for sale. He explained features, why they were good or bad, asked me what I wanted in a boat and guided the tour to show what would meet those wants. If someone showed up, he would have me wait near the next boat while he handled the real customer, then came right back to me.

I was there all day.

He gave me a business card. I am 53 now and I have carried that card my entire life as a reminder that being kind to people can have a huge impact on them.


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