I Was Driving Down A Busy Road Yesterday

By A Friend • April 13, 2024

I was driving down a busy road yesterday. Traffic was bumper to bumper and I was in a bad mood.

Pull up at the lights on a busy intersection and there’s a man with a really tall unicycle doing tricks at the lights. This on its own isn’t unusual. I’ve seen street performers at these lights before.

But in the lane next to me was a truck with three men, who began hollering and cheering on the unicycle man. They were so excited and pumping him up so much. I looked around and everyone was enjoying the performance with them cheering him on. It was hilarious; these three big men in a big truck being so excited every time he did a new trick. Their celebration could be heard by everyone at the intersection. And they had absolutely lit up the face of the street performer.

It had instantly picked up my mood so I was desperately searching my car for change but only had 45c in the console to give him. It wasn’t necessary though, because as soon as the unicycle man finished and right before the lights went green, the men in the truck held $10 out the window for him. They gave him words of encouragement and before we all knew it we were on the move again.

I didn’t mind the traffic for the rest of the journey home.


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