Slow Down And Enjoy Today

By Joseph J. Mazzella • March 15, 2024

I’d entered into another one of those busy periods in life that we all have from time to time. It is those times when in addition to the usual hustle and bustle of life a dozen other things suddenly show up that need done right away as well. This extra long to do list was running through my mind while I was at the local Dollar store picking up a few things we had run out of.

After grabbing what I needed I walked through the aisle containing mostly nick knacks. There were printed paintings, wind chimes, photo frames, and inspirational sayings printed on wood that you can hang in your house. As I walked by one of them seemed to jump out and catch my attention.

It was a little saying pasted on a cheap wood square no bigger than my hand with a string attached to hang it on the wall. In cursive writing along the top it said: “Slow down &” while below it in big block letters were the words: “ENJOY TODAY.”

I just stood there and read this message from Heaven over and over. And as I did I felt a calm settle over my soul. It was as if my rushing and stressing and worrying had melted away and I had for the first time that day allowed God’s Peace and Love to flow into me again.

I started to put the saying back down but decided instead to pay the dollar it cost and bring it home with me. I hung it on the wall in my bathroom so that every time I made one of my many trips in there I could see those words again and follow their wonderful advice.

In this sometimes crazy life we all need to remember to “slow down & Enjoy Today.” God didn’t put us here to rush about doing a million needless things. He put us here to Love. He put us here to Love Him, to Love ourselves, and to Love everyone as ourselves. He put us here to find Joy in each and every day and to share that Joy with the world.

Slow down then. Enjoy Today! Rejoice in this life God has given you.


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