Those Little Sweethearts Made Me Feel Like Nothing Else Mattered

By Liz • March 13, 2024

Shout out to a little cutie patootie.

I met my 5-year-old daughter at the bus stop this afternoon after school.

When the school bus rolled up and the door opened she came out, gasped and yelled:

"OMG YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL MY MUMMY! Your dress and make-up is so pretty. You are my beautiful Mumma!"

Way to make a girl feel a million bucks kid.

When the kid next door came over I heard her telling her "My mum looks more beautiful than I knew! You should see her pretty face!" and proceeded to get me to show her.

I'm 13 days away from my 48th birthday and today I had a funeral to do for a young woman, I didn't feel very beautiful this morning and I wasn't 100% happy with my service today. It was my friend's step-mum's and I'm a particularly harsh self-critic. Regardless if the family loved it.

I'm feeling frumpy, old and tired. Make-up is starting to sit in the creases, and I'm not looking forward to working the day of my birthday... so today I was feeling a bit MEH.

Those little sweethearts made me feel like nothing else mattered. Made me feel happiness at her love and joy for simple things like a pink dress and a splattering of make-up. 

Thanks Bubba, Mamma needed that.


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