Too Fast, Too Slow, And Just Right

By Joseph J. Mazzella • January 29, 2024

One Summer day when I was a little boy my Mom, Dad and brothers were away and my Nana was busy watering her flowers around our house. That left me alone inside with my Mom’s old record player. It had three speeds on it 33 1/3, 45, and 78 revolutions per minute. Each one was designed to play a different type of record. But my childhood curiosity was making me want to see what would happen if I played some records on the wrong speed.

My Mom didn’t have any 78s, so I took a 33 record out and set the switch on the side to 45. What came out was hilarious. The music was going super fast and the singing sounded like Alvin and the chipmunks on amphetamines. After a minute, though, it lost its charm so I took out one of Mom’s 45s and set the switch back to 33. What came out was painful to listen to. The music sounded like it was being dragged through the mud and the singing sounded like miserable moaning. I quickly switched the speed back to where it was supposed to be and listened with a smile as the beautiful music came out just right.

Sometimes my prayers remind me of that incident with the old record player. Sometimes I will rush through my prayers as I rush through my day hoping that God will hear them as I hurry along. But in moments of great pain and suffering, I will pull the prayers out of myself slowly and miserably, hoping that God will heal my soul. My prayers are the most beautiful and effective, however, when I take the time to say them peacefully and happily. They bring me closer to God, warm my heart, and fill my life with thankfulness, love and joy. They are like having a talk with a dear friend who loves me. And they help me to sing my own life’s song.

May all your prayers be just right. May they help your heart to sing. May they fill your soul with thankfulness and joy. And may they always help you to Love.


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