Today Something Really Sweet Happened At The Post Office

By Keisha • January 24, 2024

Today something really sweet happened at the post office.

My little girl was walking around touching and cuddling every teddy there.

She spoke to a man getting served beside us. We picked out a book to buy when she turned around to admire a small Dumbo the elephant teddy. She gave it a cuddle and a kiss.

I told her we couldn't get it we already just brought a book (possum magic). I told her to put it back, collect her book whilst I grabbed our parcel and went to the car.

Whilst buckling her into car the man she had spoken too walked over.

He lent in and passed her the Dumbo teddy.

This person we didn't know had brought her a gift. She was very happy and so was I. What a very kind and special present. What a wonderful thing to do.


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