Well This Kindness Takes The Cake!

By Brigette • January 1, 2024

I have a beautiful 97 year old Aunty who lives at home still in Germany. She regularly writes me a letter, expecially birthdays. We speak once a week on the phone. She asked if my birthday letter arrived in October.

After some time we gave up and put it down to lost.

Imagine my total surprise when the letter arrived. It had been on a tremendous journey.

My Aunty's carer had but the wrong suburb on the letter, my street number and name in Qld, but my sisters suburb in NSW!

This amazing Australia Post worker, tried twice calling my Aunt in Germany, but the language barrier failed. The letter was returned to my Aunt apologising for not being able to deliver it!!

The letter was readdressed and arrived in my letter box just before Christmas! The note was in there too, along with a note from my Aunt asking me to contact the AusPost lady to thank her. Thankfully there was a mobile number so I sent her a thank you message and let her know her amazing efforts have not gone unnoticed and I want to wish her every happiness and good luck in 2024!

Faith in humanity fully restored!


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