Your Greatest Gift

By Joseph J. Mazzella • December 26, 2023

When I was a boy we didn’t have much. Our Christmas gifts were simple and few but I always took such joy in them. Some of them like the new books and thick socks were used right away. I would slip off my shoes, sit in my favorite chair by the wood stove, and rub my newly socked feet together while I read my books. Other toys like a new football, basketball, or bicycle would have to wait until the snow melted and Spring arrived to be enjoyed.

When I was a struggling, unemployed, young father money for Christmas presents was scarce too. One time I can remember only being able to buy a few stuffed animals for my young children. On Christmas morning I felt so guilty and so sad. But when they opened their gifts the joy in their eyes was just as bright and shining as if I had bought them the most expensive things in the store.

And as I got older I learned that there are a lot of gifts that can’t be bought in a store, gifts that God gives each of us, gifts that He wants us to share with the world. I’ve done my best to share mine over the years too. But as I’ve passed into my middle years I’ve realized something even more important. The greatest gift of all is ourselves. And the greatest meaning and purpose in life is to simply give the best of yourself to others with love.

I hope that you always give the best of yourself to others. Your kindness, your caring, and your goodness are worth more than anything you can buy in a store. Your laughter, your joy, and your smile are priceless beyond measure. And your Love is a gift that is both eternal and Divine. Your unique life and your unique self are your gifts from God. And how you use them and share them are your gifts to God, yourself, and everyone else. Cherish your greatest gift then. Make it the most beautiful, wonderful gift that you can. And then share it with love.


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