I Gave Out Full-size Bars To Trick Or Treaters

By A Friend • November 6, 2023

I used coupons at my local BJ’s to buy the candy, so it wasn’t as expensive as you’d think. I did it last year and was so looking forward to doing it again. It was a bunch of combo packs, Snickers, M&Ms, Sour Patch, Milky Way, etc.

I don’t know if my kids had more fun going trick or treating themselves or handing out the candy to other kids.

I loved hearing the exclamations of “Dang!”, “Wow!”, “Look what I got!”, “They’re giving out full-size bars!”, “This house rocks!”, “Ohmygosh, awesome!”.

I gave a girl a second candy bar when her uncle stole her first one. I also had some primo candy as a backup, or if I saw a really awesome costume. I saw one kid give their sibling a Haribo gummy bear packet, so I made their night by giving them a 5 oz bag. They were so excited, they asked to give me a hug.

I remember how a full-size bar as a kid could be the highlight of my night. My own mother still remembers “that house” in her neighborhood when she was a kid and that was over 65 years ago.

I love that I got to give that to almost 200 kids last night. I’ve had the worst month of my life, so to end on a high note was the start of my healing.


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