I Thank You, Young Man

By A Friend • September 27, 2023

Some years back, my husband and our youngest daughter, who was probably in her late thirties at the time, drove me to the train station where I was to travel alone to my destination.

I hadn't travelled alone for many a year, so it was then that I revealed to them that I was absolutely scared, because I needed to change trains at a certain station. They did their best to relax me as the train pulled into our station.

Then unbeknownst to all of us, a young man, probably about my daughters age, must have been listening, so he got on behind me and helped me with my heavy bag to a seat, which happened to be a four seater one.

The train was almost empty, and he asked if I minded that he sat opposite me within the four seater, because he was travelling alone as well. "Yes," said I, I wasn’t afraid of him because I was already a grandma.

So we chatted away along the trip, which calmed me considerably, until he said that he was getting of at the next station, he then proceeded to tell me exactly what to expect, ie:- 2 more stations, then I needed to go up over the stairs to the other side of the track to get the next train, etc., etc.

Obviously I arrived at my destination unafraid. I thank you young man.


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