Can A Man I Just Met Be My Best Friend?

By Miss Smiley • March 14, 2012

March 5, 2011; I was at the employment office here in Indiana and I was just taking the moment to put in my resume. I was seating beside a man and he was doing the same. He started talking to me about his career and how he was ready to start back working, well I was so surprised to how he was talking to me-business, my favorite subject. Well, this man has been helping with support even as he himself was hurting of his mothers death, unemployment, being homeless and living in rundown motel. I had to know within myself he was and is very special for me. Just to note I feel as if he is not real, knowing of past life issues. As I write this I know God loves for us to be best friend to anyone that will be come and be in our lives. We are getting married!


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