The World Did Not Change. People Did Not Change. But I Did

By A Friend • June 16, 2023

I've been through very painful experiences. Awful partners, awful friends, betrayals.

But this is finally over.

Why ? Simple. I've worked on myself, my personality. I've pushed away every toxic people. I've stopped talking to me high school friends who preferred being around with my ex (hiding it on their stories btw). I've stopped talking to people who just wanted to hurt me. I've stopped chasing after men, sick of crazy people.

All I did was pushing away bad people, and let good people come in my life, even if it meant being alone for a while. Believe me, it's worth it. Wasn't easy, when you are accustomed to sadness, violence, you just kind of cling to it 'cause this is just the only thing that you know.

I let it all go. I just decided 'Okay, I'll have no boyfriend, no friends anymore, but I'll be free from toxic people.'

And guess what? Naturally, I met a boy. A really nice boy, and it's been a year and a half since we are together. I am really happy with this person, I feel loved, and I love him so much too.

Concerning friends, I just accepted the fact that 1 some people are not your friends and that's okay 2 real good friends exist, you just have to wait and you'll find them 3 don't expect your friends to be perfect. They owe you nothing. Neither do you.

And guess what ? I met two wonderful person. Two girls that I deeply love.


Here I am, after 5 years of sadness, hard experience with people, Here I am, happy. Just happy.

The world did not change. People did not change. But I did.

I realised that after all, you are the sailor of your ship.

Choose the right destination. There will be waves, sometimes tsunami, but keep on. Keep your destination. Don't wait other boat to come to save you. Don't expect sea to stop its movement. Just keep your boat moving right into the direction you want. Never stop, never give up. If you WANT happiness, it'll happen. Try to avoid rocks, storm, as possible. Sometimes you'll avoid them, sometimes you won't. Stay away from bad things/people. Sometimes people are a friend of the sea, some are just pirates that want to loot you and sink your ship. Look at them, be careful, and wait. You'll see.

There are things you can't help. Sometimes bad things happen. Good people turn out to be bad people. But there is one thing that you control: how you react.

Seek happiness, seek good things and good people. Stay focus on your destination. Let storm be, resist. Avoid pirates, avoid rocks, and even if you hit it, repair your ship, repair yourself, and keep on.

One day, you'll be navigating in the Sea of Happiness. Right at your side you'll see the person that'll be ready to navigate with you.

Don't give up. Be good, seek good, and you'll find happiness.


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