I Really Hope The Man Knows How Happy He Made The Kids And Myself In That Moment

By Jemma • June 7, 2023

Today after school I took my four kids (including two year old twins) in to the supermarket to grab a few things. Whilst in the check out line a man approached the cashier and was trying to explain something to him. At first I wasn’t paying attention as I was focussed on getting out of there before one or both of the twins had finished their free fruit and wanted to escape the pram.

About 15 secs went by and I was waiting to pay when I switched on to what this man was actually asking. He wasn’t really asking, he was more telling the cashier that he had already paid for them but he wanted to give his bag of freddos to my children. Then he said ‘actually you can have these too’ and grabbed another bag, this time caramello koalas and also handed them to the kids. His only remark was ‘make sure you brush your teeth before bed.’

The girls faces were priceless and my five year old reacted by saying ‘he paid for them and then gave them to us mummy!’

It was so nice for them to see what a kind gesture it was and how amazing it made them feel to be given something when they were not expecting it.

I really hope the man knows how happy he made the kids and myself in that moment. It just goes to show what a wonderful thing the gift of giving is.


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