To The Man In The Carpark...

By Anita • May 29, 2023

To the man in the carpark at the Warnbro shopping centre (WA) today, thank you!

My 7-year-old son returned our trolley then tidied up all the other trolleys and move them all into the correct sizes. You not only took time to give him positive feedback, you very unexpectedly and generously handed him $10. My son was a bit stunned and can’t remember if he said thank you so thank you very much. You’ve made a very positive impression. My son said "but mum I just did it cos I like fixing them, I bet he doesn’t even work here, he didnt need to pay me."

I agreed and we talked about how we do things not expecting reward and how wonderful it feels to receive something so nice/generous/unexpected. It was a great conversation and learning opportunity.

What you don’t know is the reason we were at the shops was to see if my sons wallet had been handed in. We were there yesterday and he insisted on carry it himself only to leave it in the toilets. It had $20 he’d saved and we were on our way home so I didn’t realise it was missing until today. Unfortunately it wasn’t there and he’s learnt a sad but valuable lesson which thanks to your thoughtfulness and generosity was followed by a much more positive one and he’s now halfway back to recouping his saving.


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